Monday, August 20, 2012

All Work and No Play- Summer's Almost Over

A thought just occured to me as I'm sitting on my bed writing, recording, and rehearsing new poems in cut off shorts and a bathing suit top- summer is almost over!

I was shopping on Saturday and the thought of winter boots and a new coat occured to me. I am going to be needing this things soon. No more leaving the house in a tank top and not bringing a sweater. It's getting damn cold at night now, and layers are a must if I'm not coming home to change. Also, its getting dark around 8:30pm instead of 10pm.

May I just take a moment to say: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Oh hell no. It feels like summer just started. How is it already the end of August?! I mean, its not like I have to go back to school and have the dreadfull feeling of classrooms and textbooks ahead. I pretty much sit in an office from nine to five all year round (yes, I know you're all thinking about how exciting and glamorous my life sounds right now). But there's just something so nostalgic about summer. It signifies alot of skin, parties, festivals and opportunities to go skinny dipping with that person you've had a crush on all winter long. Problem is, I feel like I didn't really take full advantage of the season this year. Probably because I have to wake up at 7am every morning and the thought of being out past 10pm makes me wanna vomit tired chunks of last nights optimism. I know that if I stay out late, tomorrow will be terrible. Its sacrificing an entire day where I feel less than human for a night that could possibly be epic.

Ya'll, I think I'm getting old because I started choosing having good, alert, human days instead of partying all night. This is definitely a sign that I am on a downhill slope to retirement homes and dinner at 4pm in front of a 20 year old episode of Wheel Of Fortune, right? I am not pleased by this.

As hard as I try though, the party just doesn't look that great to me anymore. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I don't drink and I don't do drugs (and no- I don't smoke weed, despite what my appearance may lead you to believe) so the bars aren't all that appealing.

And sure, I dance. I absolutely love to dance and I've got some damn fine moves if I don't say so myself. But you can't really dance in a crowded bar, or in a pub.

And yes, there are a TON of awesome shows and bands that I would give my left nipple (I'm rather fond of the right one) to go see. But they're expensive, and let's face it- nine to five job or not, I'm broke. I can't sacrifice a week's worth of food anymore to go see a show. Five years ago I wouldn't have hesitated but not anymore.

Maybe I'm becoming responsible. Which by the way is basically the word adults use to mean boring and safe. But I'm not going to lie, it kind of feels good. In a "I take care of myself and my loved ones" kind of way. That comes with a certain kind of pride that I'm not willing to trade for a killer show or a sleazy hook up (also, hook ups are just boring and generally underwhelming in comparison to actually knowing someone and sleeping with them).

So that sums up my thoughts tonight. I'm boring, winter is coming, and I have a hell of alot of work to do in preparation for CFSW in October. Oh, and once I figure out how to how to make a video poem from pictures, I'm going to upload a new recording of a brand new poem! Yay new poems!

Here's a link to the YouTube Channel, since Blogger is being a douche and won't let me put it straight on this post. By the way, my channel is emmannward. Follow me!

Don't get too depressed about the incoming chill. I'm sure we have a few good weeks left, at the very least. Play safe.