Friday, April 16, 2010

Days and days...

Oh what a week! The Victoria Poetry Slam on Tuesday night was very well attended, the crowd and judges were awesome if a little tough. I managed to snag third (out of 11 poets), which I was pleased with. It would be nice to win one of these days, but as long as I qualify for finals I`m happy. Wednesday passed peacefully, and Thursday was hectic but wonderful as my best friend`s little boy turned 5 years old. I bought him a new pair of pj`s which were covered in skateboards. You have to get them started young, you know. That brings us to today; I was officially signed on as Treasurer of a small non-profit group in town, and I received a message saying that the boy who inspired my poem `Daydreams`is returning tomorrow. I am completely elated and hopeful, and the weekend ahead is looking like an exciting one. I am performing in the Big Rock Showdown on Sunday night and if I win (I am the poet of the group) I take home $100. Not too shabby. Then Monday morning its off to the ferry and the wonderful Van Slam Finals night at the Rio Theatre. I`m always excited to head over to the mainland to see the beautiful and thriving spoken word community there. Life is hectic and productive and glorious all at once. I`m grateful to be exactly where I am today, with hopes and dreams for the future.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Poetry saved my life

I have just spent the last two hours creating this blog, trying to think of a name and what I will write about. What should my page look like, how do I get the picture centered and small enough to fit? This is, after all, my first ever online journal. I have always stuck to the old-fashioned way, carrying a pen and notebook with me at all times. Something has inspired me to enter this realm though. Maybe its because I have been spending my days lately dreaming of a day when I can go on tour across Canada performing spoken word. Maybe its that I have accomplished only the beginnings of what I moved West from Calgary two years ago to do. I've been writing, performing, and slamming (oh yes, competition!) like a madwoman, trying to improve my abilities on stage and of course, my poetry. I was lucky enough to be involved in the organizational team here in Victoria that hosted the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word last year, and was amazed at the people I met and the talent that was seen throughout the week. It inflamed my already strong desire to write and get better. This season I have been competing all winter and the chances of being in Finals night look good. I want this, for more reasons than I have time or capability to share at 3am. Let's just say that I survived an incredibly troubled youth, and I credit two things with getting me to where I am today; one of them is poetry. This is my passion, my dream, as cheesy and incredibly flaky as it may sound.