Monday, April 22, 2013

Busy Season

Hey all,

I'm just popping in here quickly to let you all know I might not be writing much here in the next month.

Because I'm leaving for tour! 

First stop Saskatoon, then Edmonton, Nelson, Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary. This is very exciting (as well as financially terrifying) so I am getting amped up to leave. At this exact moment, my biggest stress is how much my cat will suffer without my presence. She's such a grumpy old thing and she hates everyone but me and yes that makes me feel incredibly special thankyouverymuch). My friend is staying here while I'm gone to look after my flat and she is not going to be happy about living with a boy for a month. I can already feel the cold icy stare I'm going to get when I get back. It's not going to be pretty.

Aaaaanyway, enough rambling about my cat. I have other exciting news!

If you've been chomping at the bit to buy my new book (which- ahem- I know you all have been) you can now purchase an online PDF version. You know, so you can Kindle it up or read it on your IPad for all you fancy pants out there. Just follow this link:

Eulogies For Fireflies by Megan Ann Ward

And now I will use all of the hippie mind control tricks I learned while living in BC to get you go there.

And done. Yippee! Enjoy the spring sunshine. Oh, and I know its mating season but please ya'll- be safe out there!