Sunday, April 29, 2012

April's Rollercoasters

Hey there,

So it's been awhile, I know. You know how sometimes life just takes you for awhile, you forget to write, you forget to do your laundry and wash the dishes and get so busy that sleep even seems like a luxury you can't afford? That's where I've been. Balancing life is a challenging task! I mean, I'm grateful that I have friends who want to see me, places to go and things to do, but holy mother of all that is good I need a vacation! Even just a couple days of in the woods with 5 good books, mass amounts of fancy cheese, bread and some clean air would probably be exactly what the doctor ordered. Maybe in a month I can get there.

Tonight I have Finals for Montreal's Throw Poetry Slam. Which will decide whether or not I go to my fourth CFSW (the Canadian National Poetry Slam Competetion) in October. This is a big night. And because I have something to prove, because of what happened in my home slam in Victoria after I won Finals night last year, I really want it this year. In part because I want to compete against Victoria (spite really can be a great motivator), but also because I freaking love Nationals.

It is the best time of the year. It's like a giant family reunion, except you like the majority of your relatives and when someone gets a little too drunk, instead of shouting all their resentments at you while swinging from a light fixture, they're yelling poetry. Poetry! It's a week filled with discussion about art, world views, debates about politics, the meaning and fulfillment of love, social issues and all sorts of other stimulating things. Plus, poets are really attractive people. On the whole, being surrounded by a large group of attractive people who are passionate about just about everything for an entire week is awesome. There's no other way to say it. It makes all the best parts of my body tingle with excitement.

So, I'm throwing down tonight. I got fresh little haircut this week, a brand new tattoo and I'm ready to rock this thing. Well, here's hoping!

In the mean time, please enjoy this video by one of my favorite poets Andrea Gibson. It's called How It Ends and describes almost exactly where I'm at this morning;

"Baby, I have no idea how this will end...
Maybe tomorrow, my absolute insanity combined
with the absolute obstacle course of your communication skills
will leave us like a love letter in a landfill..."

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cats and Stereotypes

Hey there,

So it's April, and for once I got through April's Fools Day unscathed! Noone pulled any pranks this year it seems, noone even remembered! It is one day where I'm sincerely grateful I live alone and don't have any roomates to put plastic wrap on the toilet seat or change my shampoo for blue dye. I mean, waking up with your hand in a bowl of hot water and damp sheets may be amusing for them, but it also means you get to spend the entire day at the laundromat (my least favourite place on earth, second only to the suburbs of any city).

With the turn of the new month, I've also moved into a brand new flat! I have (in the following order of importance); two balconies, amazingly beautiful colourful painted walls, a clawfoot bathtub and a clothesline! Yes, I have a clothesline. Which if any of you have ever heard or read my poem "Sundress", you will know that hanging laundry on a clothesline wearing a summer dress is basically my idea of domestic heaven. Even if I don't live on a farm yet, I feel as if I'm one step closer. Not to mention I basically scored Montreal real estate heaven- an affordable two bedroom flat on the Plateau near a metro stacked with more charm and storage space than I know what to do with. I would be much more gleeful right now if I didn't immediately come down with a flu the day I moved in. You win some, you lose some. In a few days I will be healthy again and I'll still live here. With my cat.

Oh yeah, did I mention I adopted a cat?!

Yes, after a lifetime with a giant phobia of felines I now cohabitate with one. It's a long story which basically involves my friend guilting me into taking Daisy home for fear of her being sent to the pound and getting murdered. I mean, I'm scared of them but I don't hate them! You can't let her die! So now I fulfill every stereotype of a queer woman I can think of. Which is sort of great. Want to know what I did tonight?! I watched Gossip Girl (yes, I love bad TV) while soaking in my clawfoot bathtub, eating Strawberry Haagen-Daas and talking to my cat.

Its a good life. Here's a video from my Toronto Poetry Slam feature in October about how I refuse to call myself an adult. It's called "Dirty Laundry".

Have a good Wednesday everyone, sleep tight.